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Crumb Rubber Application

  • Reclaimed Rubber Machine-Waste Tires Recycling For Reclaimed Rubber Production

    Contact NowReclaimed Rubber Machine-Waste Tires Recycling For Reclaimed Rubber Production【What is Reclaimed Rubber?】 Reclaimed Rubber is vulcanized rubber that has been treated chemically and physically in order to re-enable it to have the same plasticity and adhesive ability as natural rubber. At present, because of its better aging and wear and tear resistance and its superior workability efficiency, Reclaimed Rubber is considered an excellent rubber ingredient with a very favorable evaluation that has led to its widespread use.Read More

  • Rubber tiles and mats production plant

    Contact NowRubber tiles and mats production plantYuntong Rubber tiles production line produce rubber tiles and mats with recycled tire rubber granules ,glue,pigment.Yuntong tire recycling plant and Yuntong rubber tiles production plants help many customers to make waste tires become high valuable with big market demands products:rubber tiles.It is a completed business plan.Read More

  • Running Track And Playground Machinery

    Contact NowRunning Track And Playground MachineryYuntong is the top leading technique company in waste tires recycling and other rerlated machinery manufacturing with 16years experence .Yuntong machine has been sold to many countries such as China,Cezek,Cyprus,Saudi,Russia,India ,Indonisia,Tobago,Peru to help reduce the environmental problem...Read More