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Current situation of electronic waste materials recycling industry through

Electronic waste type range, roughly can is divided into two class: a is by containing material compared simple, on environment against more light of waste electronic products, as refrigerator, and washing machine, and air conditioning machine, household appliances and medical, and research electrical,, this class products of split solutions and processing relative compared simple; another a is by containing material compared complex, on environment against compared big of waste electronic products, as computer, and TV picture tube within of lead, computer components in the contains of arsenic, and mercury and other harmful material, phone of raw materials in the of arsenic, and CD, and Lead-and a variety of other durable drop and bioaccumulative toxic substances.
In our country
In recent years, stepped into the peak of the home appliance replacement, and rapid growth of electronic waste. A rough estimate, my TV to be scrapped on more than 5 million a year on average, washing machine about 6 million units, refrigerator about 4 million units, and eliminated more than 15 million units of waste household appliances each year, this does not include population growth and the rapid updating of electronic and telecommunications equipment, including mobile phones, DVD, etc.

Discarded cell phones

Reports issued by the United Nations Environment Programme, China is now quantity of 2.3 million tons of e-waste generated each year, second only to United States to 3 million tons. According to a Reuters report, as of 2020, China and South Asia by computer-generated e-waste will be four times higher than 2007.
The opportunities and challenges
E-waste contains a variety of harmful substances, so it cannot simply be sent to the incinerators for incineration. In addition, the e-waste recycling is also included in part belongs to recycling. Recycled treasure.
Manually dismantling and sorting machinery dismantling of electronic waste integrated treatment will not only protect the natural environment, and the recycling of certain resources, reducing the cost of production.
Environmental pollution
The complex composition of electronic waste, many appliances contain toxic chemicals, of which more than half of the material is harmful to the human body, there are even toxic. For example, a computer with more than 700 more elements, half of which components containing mercury, arsenic, chromium and other toxic chemicals; television sets, refrigerators, mobile phones and other electronic products also contain lead, chromium, mercury and other heavy metals, laser printer and copier toner and other.