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Economic factors determine the development of waste recycling

1. natural resources appear to concentrate, derived from waste recycling are secondary material is scattered, and you want to pay the high cost of collection.
2. raw materials (that is, single unprocessed raw ingredients than waste, higher quality, less polluting. So let bi-control product quality and specifications.
3. major processing technology was designed for the use of new materials and processing wastes require a different attitude, using different technologies.
4. using synthetic materials with natural resources, making the category more uneconomical.
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5. the use of recycled material than raw materials can reduce energy consumption to reduce pollution
6. waste recycling depends largely on economic factors. Secondary materials and overhead cost of manufacturing new materials as high or often higher than the cost of manufacturing new materials. Only high quality materials market, man-made economic factors often contribute to the use of new raw materials.
7. Although you can find isolated from urban waste of useful materials technology, but the high cost of recycling, but only in their environment to control fuse with the appropriate local market of high cost approach where recovery is feasible.