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Methods and processes for processing waste which

Set up classification 1, campus trash.
Have we said, garbage starting from the source, in particular, is going to establish a classification of trash. In our survey, most of the students have the awareness of waste sorting, but without the waste, because there is no way of giving them a garbage classification, so they are even conscious of waste separation and recovery is useless. Therefore, as long as the campus establishment of classification within the trash, these students will become the actual action. And as a result the impetus of this part, formed garbage classification in the campus atmosphere, no waste-conscious people to see classified garbage cans will also have to carry out waste separation.
Trash 2, classification reform.
In General, waste can be divided into four main categories: recyclable garbage, organic waste, hazardous waste and other waste. Due to the regional classification is more noticeable on college campuses, in various types of waste produced in the region are also different, so we set up sorting trash, according to the different types of waste produced in different regions to set up garbage cans.