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Recycling industry what is the main reason for this situation

China's utilization of recycling resources in significant progress in recent years, due to its late, low, over the past 20 years in the basic low level. Another event has been repeated media exposure of environmental pollution, about the negative social impact is very large. Adverse business environment, many companies for further development, investment enthusiasm is low, also inhibited the growth of enterprises. Due to certain conditions in the field of renewable resources, and the terms of use does not mean that the same environment, image has been without effective improvement. This is reflected in a dynamic private sector. Due to the secondary recovery waste of resources, individuals set up collection points, for instance, there are situations where, for manual labor table corner-cutting machining-oriented, dominated by open management open job, labor intensive and lack basic safety and health conditions. At the expense of the natural ecological environment and human health, harmful waste water, waste gas, the cost of waste acid. Fake and poisonous products, market chaos, had had a negative impact. To suburban or rural and urban junction based on establishment of recycling and dismantling processing, to the city's environmental protection work is a big influence. In recent years due to increased regulation, and general increase in environmental awareness of the whole society, national advocacy environment encourage the recycling industry, completed initial accumulation of some enterprises in the industry. A number of good management, advanced equipment and operating large-scale enterprises, formed a professional Park in some areas.