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Recycling opportunities and challenges facing the industry today

Scrap recycling industry is actually a green industry, may be some lawless elements into an instrument of lianqian. Currently China of waste recycling industry probably no what people to concern, industry of atmosphere also is poor, due to many no card waste recycling points of spoiler, caused waste recycling company or waste acquisition station with General manufacturers contradictions conflict sharply rose, appeared all not harmony of phenomenon, both of trust degrees very poor, many no good of waste recycling who in hard to raised waste of recycling price, made manufacturers of trust, on the, and using various miscategorized of means fraud; manufacturers aspects, a is fear waste recycling who fraud, Second, listening to the wind is the rain, full asking price, high asking price, we will be in accordance with the high prices of the standards in the treatment of waste. In such an atmosphere, recycling is not an easy thing, a formal recycling company to survive is not so easy.
Blamed on the recycling industry in China is not a market standard, quality not strictly required for the recyclers, scrap recycling price transparency, no clear price standards. Believe the social advances of the future, will be a more harmonious atmosphere to the waste recycling industry.