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The old appliance recycling

Appliances now have a certain life span, along with improvements in living standards, many families produce household appliances replacement demand. Old electrical appliances do? After sold to vendors, may be sold to another household in rural areas continue to be used, may be "mutilated" sold to the recycling stations or home appliance repair shop, the remaining parts littering or throwing the pollution caused by ... Noteworthy is that similar chaos is expected to come to an end, the State issued a new set of policies, recycling old appliances will have more money and more modern, the old appliance recycling will be more the norm. Countries to subsidize the disposal of waste electrical and electronic products, out of considerations of environmental protection, because as long as the electrical and electronic products, contain lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic substances, which if not treated, will damage the environment and harm to human health. The Center has specialized dismantling production lines for recycling of home appliances products, then categorize and then breaking down parts for distribution to the downstream steel scrap, plastics processing, reprocessing, recycling, renewable resources, and to treasure. Many waste recycling workers to buy junk, only useful and discarding of the useless, so that the end result is polluting the environment. National Center for recycling of waste electrical and electronic products disassembly subsidies for home appliances, that is, from an environmental point of view. Current appliance recovery products for processing, after a national audit to get the subsidy.

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