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What are practicing waste separation benefits

In the battle for the human beings and junk, garbage from an enemy into a friend. Someone once likened the trash of misplaced resources. Our recycling sorting station, Xuanwu District to look at Junk once back in its rightful place, what would be the use?
Every day we discarded Coke bottles and known as white trash, plastic bags, disposable plastic meal boxes belonging to polymeric organic compounds, if buried in the ground, is 100 years, 200 years are bad off, it may also make the soil compaction, reduced soil fertility, and even lose the ability to cultivate the soil. In our lives, often throw all sorts of waste plastic. Waste plastic processing can also be made from buttons, pen supplies. Waste plastic is also good raw materials from oil refining. Someone once likened them "second oil field". 1 ton of waste plastic to recycle at least 600 kg of petrol and diesel.
In the Recycle Bin, we see all kinds of waste paper is here, including these small pieces ... ... We know that the result of good paper is made from wood, a ton of waste paper recycling 700 kg paper, less cut 17 trees, but also reduce water pollution in the production process of pulp.
China has a tradition of recycling we recycle waste in the past, might be constrained by poor economic means of last resort; in the increasingly wealthy today, we recycle waste paper, it is consciousness and action to protect the environment. Because we know, we picked more than a sheet of paper, it is our descendants living in forests and rivers.