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An India teenager who is changing the way tyres are recycled

Every day, India produces about 650,000 tyres and disposes 275,000. But, only a fraction of the disposed tyres go for recycling, creating an environmental hazard.

Worse is the common practice of burning old tyres, causingcarcinogenic pollution. The practice has continued for years, as people don't know environment-friendly and cost-effective ways of disposing used tyres.

Anubhav Wadhwa, 16, a resident of Gurgaon, is encouraging people to recycle used tyres while recovering valuable material. Last winter, while returning home from his class, Wadhwa noticed dozens of discarded tyres on roadside. A couple of tyres were being burnt by locals to generate heat. The hazardous smoke generated by this stayed on Wadhwa's mind. "Seeing someone set tyres on fire got me thinking. The idea led to setting up of Tyrelessly.

Estimates show that about 100 million tyres require recycling every year. Wadhwa said the money generated from processed materials takes care of the logistics and processing, leaving some margins for the organisation to grow. "We are profitable since day one," he said.

West Asia, the US and Europe. Wadhwa says the goal is to inspire smarter, environment-friendly choices for a sustainable future. "I believe that individual actions, such as increasing recycling or learning about greener ways to dispose, can add up to a big impact for our planet. However, one cannot do this alone. India needs community participation. Tyrelessly aims at partnering with individuals, municipalities, waste haulers, communities and national brands to reach and motivate millions to join the movement towards more sustainable living," he says.