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Dongguan Yuntong EXHIBITION in Chitec 2016

May 19 22nd, Dongguan Yuntong environmental protection technology co., limited attend the 19th China Beijing High-Tech Expo exhibition whoes aim  is to promote the commercialization, market-oriented operation and internationalization of the technology industry.

Deng Yuchao, General Manager of Yuntong, "said 300 million scrap tires generate annually in China, and all these years Yuntong devote himself to eliminate' black pollution ' and promote resource recycling; update traditional waste tires recycling and develop new green environmentally-friendly low carbon technology.


Photo express of environmental companies in the Tech Expo exhibits


According to introduction, Traditional waste tires recycling equipments have the disadvantage that consume much electricity power and have low automation level.To help to solve this problem,Yuntong has developed the new advanced Low-power consumption, Eco -friendly,High-efficiency and safe operation waste tires recycling plant with National patents.The whole plant can recycle waste tires to be 20-40mesh rubber powder with fiber and steel free.

From waste tires to be finished packed rubber powder(25kg/bag) only require 3 workers per shift,and rated power 447kw compared with traditional equipment 35% power saved.


Main innovations are as follows:

(1) The grinder with capacity 230kg/hour,45kw rated power,input material can be 8-18mm rubber granules,output:30-80mesh rubber powder.

The traditional grinder with capacity 100kg/hour,30kw rated power,input material can be 1-4mm rubber granules,output:30-80mesh rubber powder.

So the lots of power saved for rubber production plant.

(2) The new developed copying screen is used for fibers and rubber separation,rubber powder size degradation .The screening rate of is up to be  99.5% with good filtering result and no hole plugged.

(3) The blades for the granulator has the new V-shape design and special alloy materials, with high hardness and high toughness, good wear-resistance of the advantages of cutting tools in the process of continuous, stable and efficient cutting, effectively reduces the energy consumption and noise. With a longer lifespan, The blades can be repeatedly use by welding and grinding

      (4 Simple maintanence and easy operation for the blades exchanging and re-sharping .

Not necessary to break up the whole set structure of the blades,when the buyer exchange or repair one blades.

(5) Good output rubber powder quality,with national standards (GB/t 19208-2008) requirements.

(6) tested by the environmental monitoring sector, The new plant manufacturing process complies with environmental protection requirements.


In addition, Deng Yuchao told reporters, the company's recently have 3 big projects under preparation. 1st in Dongguan area,Yuntong plan to set up a 250,000 ton per year scale tire recycling plant; 2nd in Hebei hengshui,a rubber company negotiate with Yuntong for a project 60,000 tons /year cooperation; 3rd meeting with Australian ,to build the new big projects in Australian.