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Grants available to promote recycled waste tires for landscaping in Kentucky,USA

According to the news from Official website of the Commonweath of Kentucky:The Kentucky cabinet in USA is accepting grant proposals that promote the use of recycled Kentucky waste tires in the form of crumb rubber for landscaping projects that meet the criteria of the grant program

Applicants must meet the applicant eligibility criteria set forth below, but may include:


· Private entities

· Owners of commercial entities operating within the Commonwealth of Kentucky

· Public school districts

· Private schools

· City and county governments

· Entities operating public parks, and

· State agencies.


This grant is a 75/25 match grant: the applicant shall provide match funding equal to at least 25% of the total cost of the project.


Grant funds may be used for the actual cost to purchase the crumb rubber to be applied for the project, and the transportation cost for the crumb rubber.  Other costs, such as the cost to apply the crumb rubber or to publicize and promote the project, are not eligible for grant funding (but may be counted toward the applicant’s match requirement).  

To a limited degree, the cabinet will also consider funding research and development proposals for experimental practices or technologies that further the statutory purposes of the waste tire program: to protect human health, safety, and the environment, or that will help develop a market for Kentucky waste tires. The cabinet reserves the right to reject proposals that are inconsistent with these objectives.   


The cabinet must approve all materials prior to the grantee entering into purchase agreements.


If a county is out of compliance with its Solid Waste Management Plan, no entity in that county is eligible to receive this grant.


No contractor, subcontractor, vendor, or supplier, or any employee or representative thereof, shall be an employee of the Applicant.


Funding for this grant is dependent upon the availability of money, not otherwise obligated, in the waste tire trust fund established in KRS 224.50-880.