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Waste tyre recycling in Virgin Island

According to Mr. Francis, any comprehensive plan for waste reduction must include a strategy for tire disposal.

“Tires are being improperly disposed by consumers and irresponsible retailers,” he said. “These tires are being dumped in the guts, on the side of the roads and in the bush. My proposed legislation, Bill 31-0363, would require Waste Management to designate disposal sites for waste tires throughout the territory and also close the loophole that presently allows consumers to dispose of their used tires.”

Mr. Francis says waste tire disposal has economic and public health implications. “Our tourism product relies on a clean and inviting environment. Tires littering our roads and beaches is not the image we should be presenting of the territory. In addition, these tires only provide breeding grounds for mosquitos that carry Chikungunya, Dengue and Zika viruses. Proper management is critical.”

Bill 31-0363 has been assigned to the Committee on Housing, Public Works and Waste Management. The freshman Democrat anticipates that it will be vetted by the Committee in the near future.