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Work With Customers-to Make Waste Tires Become Valubale Resource

So many thanks for our honorable guest.

Yuntong work with you to make waste tires become valubale resource 

and protect our environment,benefit mankind!

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Yuntong started tire recycling machine manufacturing since 1999 till now.all these years only focus on tire recycling technique and machine innovation and promotion.In China,Yuntong is the technique top leading company in tire recycling machine manufaturing.

Yuntong can offer the unit tire shredding,grinding,separating machine ,the whole completed tire recycling plant,rubber tiles production machine,running track production machine,turnkey tire recycling solutions with customer requirements.

Yuntong machine the biggest advantages:

1)eco friendly(no any fiber and dust fly in the factory,no any dust residual and rubber granules leak out to the floor,smoke and smell purifier make sure no pollution to the environment  .)

2)low power consumption,our newest tire recycling plant saved 30% electricity consumption compared as others.

3)longer blades lifespan,V-shape design for the granulator blades make blades 4 same sides can be repeatedly used and repaired.Japan imported material for Shredder blades gurantee the shredder blades can work approx 20000hours without damaged by mistake.