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waste tyre recycling business

  • Rubber Tyre Shredder -Scrap Tyre Shredding Equipment

    Contact NowRubber Tyre Shredder -Scrap Tyre Shredding EquipmentDurable Waste Tyres Shredder and Crusher for waste tires recycling and shredding.Yuntong completed waste tires recycling plant promote in 2017.welcome all the friends come to visit and negotiate . Durable waste tires shredder can shred all the waste rubber and tires,to be smaller rubber chips like TDF.This is the main and biggest machine in the whole waste tires plant.Yuntong can offer the unit tire shredder,granulator,grinder and fiber,steel separator machine for customers; Yuntong can offer the whole completed waste tires recycling plants ;besides Yuntong can offer the turnkey tire recycling solutions with customers requirements.Read More

  • Low price for sale-Continious Automatic Tire Pyrolysis Plant

    Contact NowLow price for sale-Continious Automatic Tire Pyrolysis Plantautomatic continuous pyrolysis technique with normal pressure low temperature to pyrolyze waste tires and plastic to be fuel oil, scrap metal, carbon black, and a small amount of non-condensible gas into.The whole pyrolysis reaction is going on in the hermetic environment.The whole project is equipped with tyre shredding system,pyrolysis system,and purifying system.Fully PLC controlling system, no waste discharge, no secondary pollution, to realize the purpose of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.Read More

  • Continious Automatic Tire Pyrolysis Plant -for tire oil production

    Contact NowContinious Automatic Tire Pyrolysis Plant -for tire oil productionContinuous automatic tire pyrolysis plant is the new Yuntong self-developed system to pyrolyze waste plastic and tires to be fuel oil.This system is fully continious and automatic.It is used to pyrolize rubber granules continously and discharge oil,steel,carbon black automatic continously.this system also eco-friendly.Read More