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Low Cost Recycled rubber powder production plant I Waste tire recycling project for crumb rubber

Low Cost Recycled rubber powder production plant I Waste tire recycling project for crumb rubber

We design and manufacture your tailored tyre recycling solution.We have fully automatic tire recycling plant and semi-automatic tire recycling plant for options.SFCC6000/40 tire recycling plant is a economical semi-automatic choice for you as a start invesment in tire recycling business

Technical Parameters

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Tyre recycling -Back Ground

Scrap tires  piles can be seen everywhere,every countriy.These piles pose a public health concern. They are breeding grounds and havens for mosquitoes and other vectors, resulting in the spread of dengue fever, yellow fever, encephalitis, West Nile virus, and malaria. Improperly managed in stockpiles, in illegal dumps, and scattered along road sides, scrap tires are a significant border environmental problem as a result of the leaching process, fires hazards, and water contamination. Once ignited, tire fires are difficult to extinguish. When water is applied to fight the fire, serious air, ground water, and surface water contamination may result. Toxic emissions from tire fires, such as sulfuric acid and gaseous nitric acid, can irritate the skin, eyes, and mucus membranes, and can affect the central nervous system, cause depression, have negative respiratory effects and, in extreme cases, cause mutations and cancer.  

The car population of the world is rapidly increasing. In the 20th century automotive growth mainly took part in Europe and Northern America, but with the new millennium a wealthy middle class has sprung up in the rest of the world. Large countries like China and India have had an explosion in the number of private cars, and with more cars also more scrap tyres follow. 

The leading tyre manufacturers of the world are working intensely to improve the durability of a set of tyres so that they can drive for more kilometers, but other factors such as increased focus on road safety and legislation prohibiting tyres that are too worn down, are pulling events in the opposite direction. 

It is estimated that 13.5 m tonnes of tyres are scrapped every year. These figures include all sorts of tyres from car tyres to truck tyres and the huge tractor and earth moving tyres.

waste tiretire structure

Tyre recycling project 

Waste tires increase everyday everywhere as cars increase greatly and they have been composed great threat to human and environment .However,waste tires are called "black gold"once srcap tires are recycled to be rubber granules and rubber powder with nylon and steel separated, they are the important raw material for many products,such as rubber flooring,sporting fields,water-proof rubber rolls,modified asphalt,reclaim rubber...

tyre recycling

Tire recycling plant

Semi-automatic small waste tyres recycling plant SFCC6000/40

semi-auto tire recycling plant


Main Features

1/Input material: Every hour recycle 1000KG waste struck tires with diameter less than 1200mm.,machine can work continuously 24hours per day.

2/Output product:700 KG per hour 20-40mesh rubber powder.

3/Rated Power needed: 171.1kw. 

4/Automatic +Manual controller system,4 workers needed per shift. 

5/The production line covering area:30x7x6m

6/Circular cooling water tank size needed:3x1.6x1.8m .

7/The total weight approx  20tons and 1 40-feet containers needed for the shipping.

Tire recycling plantSFCC6000/40 -working procedure

1st step:

ring cutter cut the tire ring with bead wire

2nd step:

strip cuttercut the tire without beadwire to be strip


3rd step:

Block cutter cut the tire to be small rubber chips with size 50*50mm 


4th step:

Rubber granulator will process the rubber chips to be 1-5mm rubber granules 


5th step:

Magnet separator separate the steel wire

6th step:

Rubber grinder mill the rubber granules to be 20-40mesh rubber powder


7th step:

viberating screen separator fiber nylon


8th step:

3layer viberating screen grade and separate different size of rubber powder with customer requirements.

Tire recycling plantSFCC6000/40 -Advantages:

1/Simple econonical tyre recycling plant,cost cheap

2/Easy to install and operate

3/Small space requried

4/Good Choice for investors to start tire recycling business

Tire recycling plant output product

TDFTDFartificial grassrubber powderrubber molded productrubber molded product

50*50mm chips

Market use:


Offer Fuel for the cement,klin factory

1-5mm rubber granules

Market use:

Playground,Running track,horse mat...

20-40mesh rubber powder

Market use:

Reclaimed rubber,modified asphalt,water proof material...

40-60mesh rubber 

Market use:

Molded rubber products

mixed with new rubber or totally replace new rubber

Waste scrap rubber radial and bias(fiber)tires recycling plant 

for rubber granules and powder production


Yuntong Turnkey Waste Tire Recycling Plants

Make waste rubber shoes,rubber pipes,rubber belt,truck tires, car tires turn to be valuable resource:crumb rubber,steel and fiber


Design Features:

-          Durable double-shaft Heavy Duty Crushers

-          Specially Fabricated Blades, 4 Times More Durable;

-          Capacity: 2 – 10 Metric Tons/Hour

-          The whole processing is going on with Room Temperatures

-          Good quality crumb rubber: 99.9%  Steel or Fiber Textiles separated

-          Compact Construction: Space saved and 30% energy power consumption saved

-          Central Dust Filtering System and plasma smoke purifier Leaves No Pollution Emissions.

-          The exquisite design make sure safe operation,workshop floor clean, no spontaneous combustion of powder

tyre recycling machine

A typical Yuntong Tire Recycling Plant includes the following major components:

1.Waste Tires-2.Tire cutter and Wire debeader—3. Tire Crusher---4.Rubber shredder(the first rubber granulator)---5.Magnetic separator-6.Vibrator--7. Secondary Rubber shredder(Secondary rubber granulator)—8Vibrating screen---9.Secondary Magnetic separator---10. Airflow classifier-—11. Storage Bin --12. Rubber grinder --13.Three-layer vibratory screen—14.Auto bag filler(Auto packing machine)

-          Debeading Machines: Either a Combo of Cut and Pull or a Roller Ripping machine to extract the tire bead wires. This eases the crushing and shredding processes saving expensive cutters service life.

-          Primary Crusher:Breaks down the entire tire into 50 x 50 mm chips;

-          Granule Shredder: Reduces chips into 12mm granules.

-          Magnetic Separator: Separates and discharges steel wires from the granules.

-          Linear Vibratory Screener: Classifies fiber fluff from rubber granules.

-          Secondary shredder: Further reduces the granules into 6mm or below sizes.

-          Secondary and Third Magnetic Separations: These are belt mounted magnetic steel separators to further clean the rubber crumb from steel wires.

-          Secondary Linear Vibratory Screener: Further cleans textile fluff from the smaller size rubber crumb.

-          Cyclone Dust Collection System: Collects dust and fluff from granulating and shredding processes, preventing them from flying around into the open air.

-          Conveyors: Belt or Screw Conveyers are used to feed or discharge the throughput of rubber shreds or granules. Screw Conveyers carry crumb in a sealed pipe hence no unwanted emission or spilling

-          Fine Powder Grinders: these are a group of grinders for rubber crumb to achieve powder size of 30 or even 120 mesh.

-          Air Sifters: Or airflow classifiers that separate and clean crumb from dust and textile fluff.

-          Vibratory Tumbler Screening Machine: Classifies crumb into different sizes or grades.

-          Flue Purifier: Removes smoke or dust from the discharged airflow.

-          Auto packing: machine : pack the rubber powder with 25kg or 1000kg per bag

Company Information

Yuntong started tire recycling machine manufacturing since 1999 till now.all these years only focus on tire recycling technique and machine innovation and promotion.In China,Yuntong is the technique top leading company in tire recycling machine manufaturing.

Yuntong can offer the unit tire shredder,granulator,grinder and fiber,steel separator machine for customers; Yuntong can offer the whole completed waste tires recycling plants ;besides Yuntong can offer the turnkey tire recycling solutions with customers requirements.

With rich manufacturing experience and depth knowledge in marketing,Yuntong machine has been exported to Cezch,Cyprus,Iran,Russia,Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan,Saudi,Tobago,Peru,China,India,Indonesia ect many countries.


tire recycling plant.jpg

Overlook-Yuntong Environmental Machinery

Scrap Tire Recycling Production line in workshop

tire recycler

1/input:1 tons tire per hour,tire size less than 1200mm

2/output:700kg 20-80mesh crumb rubber,the scrap steel and textile is separated clearly and collected, the dust and ash is removed clearly,smoke and smell is absorbed.

3/Power needed:302KW(3 phase ,380V/50HZ )

4/Covering area:50x7x8m

5/Total weight:approx 46tons

7/Cooling method:Circular cooling water syste,Water tank needed:4x1.8x2m

8/PLC fully automatic controller ,3 workers needed

Waste Tire devrived material

rubber granules

Packaging of tire recycling machine and equipment:

1/wrapped well with plastic film

2/then packed tightly with customized woodcases

Yuntong tire recycling plant

tire recycling plantold tire recyclingscrap tire recycling
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