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Low power consumption and high efficience rubber powder miller grinder machine

Low power consumption and high efficience rubber powder miller grinder machine

Yuntong New Micro Rubber Powder Grinder and Miller With New Patent is the biggest grinding capacity grinders in the market at present.The rubber grinder input granules required can be up to 8-18mm big granules,compared with the traditional rubber grinders require 1-5mm rubber granules.it can save one rubber granulating process.And every unit grinder can produce 230-260 kg powder with size 20-80mesh.welcome to communicate and visit

Technical Parameters

Yuntong Environmental is one of the popular new micro rubber powder grinder and miller with new patent and ce certificate-waste tire recycling plant manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to order customized and discount new micro rubber powder grinder and miller with new patent and ce certificate-waste tire recycling plant at a good price through our website.

Yuntong New Micro Rubber Powder Grinder and Miller With New Patent

-Features: This professional rubber grinder is equipped with full cooling device available for running 24hr daily.

-The grinding plate of grinder is made of special carbide tungsten steel.

-Capacity: 210-1,300 kg/hr, grinders can be assembled from 1 to 5 units/set, depend on different required fineness and capacity.

-Fineness: 20-30-40-50-60-80 -100mesh, adjustable.

rubber grinding machine
rubber powder grinder machine

Structure and principle :

It consists of grinders, air exhausting fan and pipeline(air course), whirlwind separator(cyclone collector), electric box and water cooling system. The main engine is made of frame, motor, gearshift motor, regulator, a fixed surface(or taper) millstone. Crushing chamber is controlled by cooling air and circular cooling water. Cutting and grinding the material by high pressure. The finished powder is collected by whirlwind collection, there is no any dust flying during the whole process, compact structure, low noise, large feeding treatment, low energy, easy operation and maintenance and no environmental pollution.

tire grinder machine
micro rubber grinder
rubber powder pulverizer
rubber powder milling machine

Rubber Powder Milling Machine

Yuntong new innovated Rubber grinder V.S General Old Version Rubber Grinder

NameRated Power

Input rubber


Output powder 



The power consumption

 per TON powder

New Grinder


(45+1.5)KW8-18mm granule20-80mesh




Old Grinder


(30+0.75)KW1-5mm granule20-120mesh




New Ginder 

Power saved 




1. Compact confirmation, low noise, high production capacity, low power consumption.

2. The rubber powder is uniform in size and with even surface, which would be a good condition

to combine with other material.

3.base is made of special treated materials, crashing-proof, wearable, durable and good ductility;

4. The whole machine adopts horizontal structure, most parts are CNC processed to ensure the installation accuracy. 

5.Compact structure, low power and vibration, easy operation and maintenance;

6.The feeding system adopts ultra-red monitor controlled by PLC to maximum the output. The clearance between fixed and rotary discs are also controlled by PLC motors, which has greatly improved the quality and fineness of the rubber powder;

7.circulating water cooling system+spaying water can ensure ideal temperature for the milling discs during production, the rubber  powder will not get burned or sticky. 

8.The input granules can be up to 8-18mm,much bigger than traditional 1-5mm,it saves one rubber granulating processing.and power electricity consumption.

9.The unit grinder grinding capacity is 230-260kg per hour,and the output rubber powder size is 20-80mesh.compared the traditional grinder with unit capacity 90-110kg per hour.this is the biggest capacity grinders in the market at present.

10.The grinder has CE,ISO certificates and  gained National Patent.

11.During the grinding ,no any water water discharge,no any dust fly in the factory.

Final Rubber powder product

rubber powder plant

Automatic Waste Radial Tire Recycling Plant FCC10000/40tyre recycling plant

scrap tyre recycling plantwaste tyre  recycling 


Waste radial tire recycling processing procedure

1/remove the bead wire from the tires(Debeader)

2/shred the tires into 50x50mm rubber chips(Tyre Shredder)

3/granulate chips into 8-18mm rubber granules(Granulator)

4/separate scrap steel wire(Electromagnet separator)

5/separate the coarse fiber(Vibrating screen)

6/grind rubber granule to be 20-40mesh rubber powder(Grinders)

7/separate the residual steel wire(Magnet separator)

8/cool down powder temperature(Shaking screen)

9/separate and grade rubber powder(3layer vibrating screen)

10/weigh and pack rubber powder with 25kg/bag (Auto Packer)

11/purify dust,smoke and smell(Purifier)

12/water cool down machine(circular water cooling system)

13/control and monitor(PLC controlling system)

Yuntong company has 17years experience for waste tires recycling machinery manufacturing and exporting.We can offer unit tire debeader,shredder,grinder and so on,also we can offer the whole completed tire recycling plant and solutions.Our machine has been exported to Canada,Australia,Russia,Turkimenistan,Uzbekistan,

Czech,Cyprus,Saudi Arab,India,Tobago,Peru... many countries.

For the machine video,please check website below:

New automatic tire recycling plant- FCC10000/30


Yuntong company introduction


  Semi automatic tire recycling plant


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